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...we were at our wits end regarding the two major flaws in our leather chair.  We more than appreciate your professionalism in your 100% quality workmanship in fully restoring the chair.  My wife was impressed with your cleanliness (clean up) as I was more than appreciative of your quickness of communication promptness.  Marvin, you surely are also known for your quality of customer relationships, follow through on your word, and the artisan of your eye-hand repair skills!  Thank you so very much!

Dr. M. S.




Hi Marvin,

My wife and I want to again thank you for an outstanding job of restoring our two off-white leather recliners. They showed a lot of wear and one large stain, but after your fabulous in-home repair, they look "as new"! You saved us a lot of shopping hassle, as well as hundreds of dollars for replacement. I will be happy to refer you to my friends.

Your gratefull customers,

Jim & Diane C.

Encinitas, Ca.



Thanks so much for coming out yesterday to refurbish my leather loveseats. They look like new, and I'm sure we will be able to enjoy many additional years of use. Your service was outstanding - I sincerely appreciate your prompt response to my initial inquiry and scheduling. It was really great to have everything done in less than a week from when I first contacted you! I have already had a friend ask if I had acquired new loveseats - they look that good!  Thanks again for the great work, it was a pleasure to meet you.

Nancy H.




Marvin did an excellent job with a sofa cushion that had two large tears (3 inches long) in the leather. Marvin's repair work is very well blended when looking across the cushion and he was able to bring a very nice (and expensive) sofa back to life for us.


San Diego



HI Marvin,

Thanks so much for making our leather sofa and chairs look wonderful again. They are on a boat and take such a beating but over the past 6 years you have been able to clean, condition and do whatever else it took to make them look great again. I know, being off-white, that has had to have been a challenge but we have always been so pleased with the results. I'm always glad, when I call once a year, to find that you are still in the business.

Our living room furniture, which is delicate brown leather, is in need again and I'll be calling you in the near future to bring those up to "snuff" also.

Again thanks,

Donna T.

San Diego



Awesome job....Here's another challenge for you.


San Diego

Marvin - thanks again for the fantastic job you did restoring my red leather chairs. I wasn't sure if I would still be able to use them after my dog decided to nibble on the armrests. They look just

great. I cleaned and conditioned them today with the products you recommended. They're looking better than they have looked in a couple of years. You're a real artist and I won't hesitate to recommend you.


Daniel H.




Dear Marvin,

Thanks for your great work on our 25-year-old Scandinavian bent wood leather chair. The original color was very faded, and there were a couple of stains. You were able to mix a color that is virtually identical to the original, and we feel that our chair is as beautiful as the day we purchased it. We so appreciated your clean, quick work and good advice about leather care.


Debbie M.


Hi Marvin,

The seats look great! Like you said, they don't look like new but they are a huge improvement of what they used to look like. Thank you for an awesome job!

Ian R.

Scripps Ranch

















Thank you for the nice work you did on our leather furniture.

Becky R.



Thank you so much for bringing our couch back to life. My wife loves it and it looks better than I could have ever expected it to. I will recommend you to everyone I know that needs your services.


Dave Z.


Hi Marvin,

The couch looks great! Thank you for fixing the huge tear in our leather couch. We thought we might have to buy a new couch, but thanks to you we got to keep it.  I will be sure to pass your info to any friends that are in need of repair!

Peter C

San Diego



Our family room couch was showing the wear and tear caused by our beloved cat Huckleberry. No longer agile enough to reach his favorite sleeping spot he would use his claws to hoist himself leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Marvin came by and within a scant two hours had transformed our leather from shabby to shiny new. We are delighted as we love both the furniture and the cat and didn't want to part with either. Thank you Marvin!

Marcia M.

Encinitas, CA



Marvin:  Just a quick note to let you know how happy we were with the work you did on our leather couch, loveseat , ottoman and chairs. My husband came home and was absolutely amazed. You even got the red wine stains out. They are as good as the day they were delivered new--ten years ago.  I also appreciated your timeliness and your work ethic--you came in and assessed the situation and then got to work--no time wasted. You respected our home and its contents so that even our freshly cleaned white carpet was left unscathed.  You are truly a craftsman--sadly to say. almost a dying breed in this instant age of disposable everything and planned obsolescence.  Thank you so much for the experience. I would happily recommend you to anyone.

Mary A.



Thanks for your wonderful work. The furniture looks brand new.

Michele M.

San Diego


Hi, I just wanted to thank you and tell you how pleased I am with your repair work. I was delighted yesterday when I got home from work to see the couch look like new again. I am very impressed and will keep your name on file for recommendations. Thanks again.

Sharon Q.

Sabre Springs



I can't thank you enough for the work you did on our leather sofa and chair. They have been restored beautifully! You did an incredible job and they look like they did the day they came home from the furniture store. I WILL RECOMMEND YOU TO EVERYONE I KNOW!

Thanks again,

Susan R.

Imperial Beach, CA












Hello Marvin

Thank you so much for coming to my house to clean and treat my couch. I have dogs and the like to jump on the couch and their nails really do a number on the leather. I was so amazed after you finished. The couch looks like new and has given it new life. I was ready to buy a new couch and now I don't have to...

Thanks Again

Therese S.


I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did on cleaning and restoring our 15-year old leather sofa and ottoman. With 5 kids, our furniture had really taken a beating. I was thankful to have you come in and restore our furniture to its natural color and beauty. I was amazed that you could do all this in a couple of hours at our home!

Thanks again,

Liz S.

Carlsbad, CA

McCain (240 x 320) McCain2 (240 x 320) Cano (600 x 450) Cano2 (600 x 450)

Marvin thanks for doing a fabulous job on bringing my favorite leather sofa back to new condition you did everything you said you would and more.  I can't thank you enough  

Ted C.


ReynoldsS (528 x 396) ReynoldsS (4) (528 x 396)

Hi Marvin,

When I was searching for a leather repair service I had very little hope that my leather furniture could be restored. My expectations were low, especially when it came to our leather ottoman which had a big area with scratches and discoloration. I was ready to throw it out or buy a slipcover. The chair had ink stains and scratches as well.

I was so impressed with the results! The leather looks like new and I keep showing everyone the results.

Thank you so much!

Marilyn B.

San Diego

Hi Marvin

Couches look amazing!  Great job!!!!!

Thank you.

Annette M.


Thank you, the couch looks wonderful,

Margaret A.



I can't thank you enough for repairing BOTH my brand new leather couches that My puppy ate.  I can't get over how great the repairs look on both couches. They are like new again. Thank you so much.

Mandy C.

Rancho Bernardo


Left you a message!!! Blown away by the results!!!! I loved them and hoped they would clean up like that!!!

Jennifer L.

San Diego

I wanted to let you know that my entire family is very pleased with the job you did recently restoring the finish on our sofa, chair and love seat. You have made all three pieces look like they are new again! I also appreciate your quick response to my inquiry, follow up to my emails as well as your professionalism and courtesy while on the job. We are very happy with the results and the decision to restore/repair rather than purchase new furniture. We would definitely use your services again and would recommend them highly to others.

Thanks again for the good work!

Terri C.



The couch looks Fantastic, I'm very happy with the service you provided.  Thank You Very Much!

Ken T.


The couch came out great!    Thanks

Greg H.

San Diego

We couldn't be happier.  It looks great.  My husband was shocked.   A fter seeing the couch, we have to do the chair for sure.  You did a great job.

Julie S.

San Diego


We are very happy with your work on my fathers sofa thank you

I may be contacting you again sometime in the near future to have work done to my chair at home.


Skip R.

Mira Mesa

Marvin, everything looks and feels fantastic. I've been singing your praises and hope to send you a few referrals. really appreciate the follow up!

Warm regards,

Shaun G.


Dear Marvin,

Larry and I would like to thank you for your excellent repair of our sofa and loveseat. Not only did you accommodate us but your work is superior! The furniture looks better than when it was brand new as the leather never quite matched but it was such an unsual set we have designed the room around it. We are thrilled and thank you for all your excellent work and incredible ability to match unique colors. Please use us should you ever need a reference. Best Wishes and much thanks! Judy and Larry N.


Hi Marvin,

Many thanks for repairing the couch; it looks great and I am really pleased with the job you did.

Susan T.

Mira Mesa

"After I got out of the Army, I bought myself a very expensive custom made leather couch set.  Over time, the leather began to fade from normal sitting and also had a little fading via the sun coming in the window.  I had a previous company attempt to fix the faded leather, however, it was not done properly and I was very displeased, not to mention I felt my money was thrown away.  I was hesitant to call another company for over a year.....the fading only became worse and I was thinking about buying a new set, however, I decided to try once more getting the set repaired.  I did a little online research and found Leather Medic.  I sent an email on a Friday afternoon for some basic information and Marvin replied right away.  He was also able to come that following Monday, provided me with a reasonable rate, and began working on my couch set.  Once he was finished, they looked and felt 98% as they did when I first bought them.  I rarely provide a testimonial, however, Marvin did such a great job I feel I can help others get the same great service & quality repair I received.  Marvin also restored my trust in leather repair services---Thank You Marvin!!! ~

Magda G."

San Diego

Hi Marvin,

Thank You so much for the fabulous job You did on my couches !!!!!  I couldn't believe the difference ! They look like new! Fantastic !!!

I'll be calling You again...... and again !!!!!

Christine T.



I apologize for taking so long to send this email. You have recently done a repair job on the inside door panel on my wifes Honda Pilot. It was ink pen on tan leather. I wanted to make sure to tell you that your repair job was fantastic! I can't see even a hint of ink, and the leather dye color matches perfectly. It looks brand new.

Thank you again,

Jeff M.


.... you restored our couches a few weeks ago. We just wanted to say that they are WONDERFUL.  I think they look even better as time has passed...  You did extra stitching that I didn't realize needed to be done.

We just wanted to thank you again. If you need any positive reviews, please let us know.  We are so happy :)..

Jeanine D.

Marvin, we're delighted with your work on our leather sofa. You can't tell there was any tear at all!

Frank & Joyce L.

Very nice work you will with out question be getting referrals from me not to mention a post on Facebook on your work . Thank You very much, Hopefully I won't need your services again but if I do you will be getting a call..

Scott E.


Thank you so much for coming to my house to clean and treat my couch. I have dogs and the like to jump on the couch and their nails really do a number on the leather. I was so amazed after you finished. The couch looks like new and has given it new life. I was ready to buy a new couch and now I don’t have to...


Thanks Again

Therese S.

San Marcos


Hello Marvin

Just a short note to tell you how impressed both my wife and I are with our old favorite couch! As you know, we were pretty much resigned to the fact that it was worn out, after finding your web site and looking at your photo’s we decided to give you a shot.  From the moment I talked with you on the phone, you were honest and straight forward and completely under promised but over delivered.  Our 12 year old leather couch looks brand new!  Everything you did – fixing the “cracking”, the fading and the color restore is perfect.  You are a total craftsman.


Thank you a million times over, please feel free to use us as a reference or use our comments on your web page.  We couldn’t be happier!uble click to insert body text here ...